Urban sustainability and
energy efficiency



TECMENT, Tecnología y Gestión ConstructivaSL, is a technology-based R&D company that works with new sustainable building and high-performance materials.

ECOLUMEN APPLIED MATEC-Q SL is an industrial company, and the manufacturer of the products designed and patented by TECMENT.

NIGHT-WAY® represents a wide range of high-strength durable ultra-photoluminescent products(*) that are suitable for outdoors.

NIGHT-WAY® has been possible thanks to the active collaboration of private companies, technology institutes and public administrations, such as:

(*) Luminance over 700 and 90 mcd/m2 that lasts 10 and 60 minutes, respectively (according to UNE 23035 or DIN 67510). Fade-out time for more than 9000 minutes according to UNE 23035, for more than 6000 minutes according to DIN 67510.

Vision / Mission

NIGHT-WAY® wishes to contribute to improve citizens’ active life by developing photoluminescent products that better urban sustainability and allow citizens to undertake sport activities, entertainment and enjoy their free time at night.

NIGHT-WAY’s® mission includes research, production and implementing photoluminescence technology in order to:

  • Prolong people’s active life at nighttime.
  • Contribute to urban sustainability by cutting light pollution, and improve energy efficiency and reduce the CO2 footprint.
  • Generate new singular aesthetic projects by using photoluminescence in singular buildings, particular dwellings and private green spaces.
  • Promote local administrations to implement photoluminescent systems that generate new activity opportunities in public areas.