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Photoluminescence consists in emitting light from a material caused by the excitation of photons (UV or visible light). Its electrons absorb exterior light, store it as energy and release it through visible light. No other stimulus is required.

Unlike radioluminescent materials (tritium capsules), our materials are NOT radioactive because the excitation source is exclusively light (photons), nor are they toxic, and they do not contain phosphorus or lead, or any other heavy metal. Thus they clearly meet UNE 23035 requirements.

ENAC-accredited lab assays certify the light performance of our materials, which practically multiply the values corresponding to the maximum material categories by 2 and by 3 according to German and Spanish standards, respectively.


Besides their excellent luminance results, our materials offer high mechanical strength and durability, and are suitable for outdoor use.

Industrial Property Right

The company TECMENT has its own developed technology, owns several industrial secrets, and has two utility models currently in force in Spain in the photoluminescent materials field:

  • A luminescent concrete part: ES1124406 Y
  • A Photoluminescent Floor or Wall Tile: ES1140183 Y